2 x 500 t drying silos near hangar with mobile dryer in Biržai district.


The first built drying silo SUKUP in Lithuania after 9 years in operation


800 t drying silo Sukup at nice farm in Kelmė district.



500 t drying silo Sukup at nice farm in Kėdainiai district.


2 x 800 t drying and 1 x 1000 t storage silos Sukup at nice farm in Joniskis district.


3 x 1000 t storage silos Prado at Kupiskis city.


Mobile dryer Sukup DC243 installed at grain reseller's buying point.


Drying silo Sukup in Lithuania, Jonava district.


Drying silo Sukup in Lithuania, Joniškis district.


Drying silo Sukup in Lithuania, Šilalės district.


“This is definitely the right installation and it fulfils all our expectations. We were promised a dryer that could dry between 100-110 tons per hour but we easily dry 150 tons per hour by 4 % down”.

Jens Jensen, Operational Manager at “Hornsyld Købmandsgaard A/S”.


“They helped us with drawing works, calculations, local authorities and etc. At the same time we also had an external engineer to double check that everything was under control. My experience is that when you contact Dan-Corn you’ll be taken seriously and a service technician will be connected to the job. I think this has been extremely positive and I’m very surprised about their great efforts to solve all our problems. It works. Yes, they are very competent. You’re always excited when you buy a new machine. But often machines struggle to fulfil what you’ve been promised. But this time everything was perfect”.

Lars Christensen, General manager at "Hornsyld Købmandsgaard A/S".


"The purchasing process and the installation have been positive and our contact with Dan-Corn has worked excellent. If we call Dan-Corn in order to solve a problem (which is not very often) a service technician comes the same day or no later than the next day. This is really great service. We would like one more silo and fill it with the canola we have in flat storage right now. This silo will also be from Dan-Corn and like all other silos in Europe Inter-Silo will handle the installation"

Peder Kappelgård


"We have been operating the installation for 2 years now and it has worked perfectly. We had a few problems last year before we knew how to operate the installation but now we know exactly how to operate it and it just works. The grain coming out of the silo is fine and evenly dried and has a good commercial value. If we had the chance we would not change anything at all. We are very pleased with the colour of the silos which has given many positive reactions because they become a natural part of the surroundings even though they are quite big". 

Niels Jørgen Bønlykke


"We already stored our own grain but wanted to be able to store a whole year so we buy grain from our neighbours during harvest. We dry the grain and store it in the silo. This is a stirring silo so the grain is stirred and mixed to a homogenous quality. When we have finished drying and stirring, we take a sample and optimise our feed according to this test. Before, when we picked up grain from our neighbours there was sometimes a different content of protein. Now we know the exact content. The silo was leased because Dan-Corn offered a good leasing concept. The process has been easy and Dan-Corn had the concept".

Carsten Lundegaard


"We run 650 hectares in total and 230 here on this farm. We grow winter barley, winter wheat and winter canola here but only one type of crop every year. Therefore it is very important that we can handle and store the crop directly on site. We wanted to build a new installation and asked our adviser about the different possibilities. The adviser stressed the importance of buying an installation that was easy to handle because the distance between this farm and our main farm is quite long. In the winter of 2012 I got in touch with Uwe Kahl, who presented this installation for us. THis project in Germany - like all others sold by Mr. Uwe kahl was installed by Inter-Silo. Uwe Kahl planned everything and promised me that the installation was ready for operation on June 30 – and it was. That’s why we chose the solution from Dan-Corn via Uwe Kahl. We need to leave this farm as soon as the combine has finished harvesting and the crops have been filled into the silo. We bought the installation from Uwe Kahl and are very satisfied with the service and installation. We can keep our crops in the silo until we find the right time to sell it".

Hans Heinrich Emken